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Cybernet iOne H6 All In One Touchscreen PC

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All In One Touchscreen PC

Cybernet iOne H6 All In One Touchscreen PC

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Cybernet iOne H6 20″ All In One Touchscreen PC with grandMA2 onPC Studio Lighting Control Software, MA Lighting Technology 2-Port Node DMX Interface Controller

grandMA2 onPC

The grandMA2 onPC software incorporates all functions of a grandMA2 console and offers you its full potential on your notebook or PC. You can use grandMA2 onPC for running, programming or offline preprogramming, as well as a smart backup solution within the grandMA2 system

– Versatile Widescreen All in One PC for Business
– Touchscreen Technology
– VESA Wall Mountable
– Powerful Graphics
– Core i3

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Model : iOne H6
Part Number : MA Lighting 2-Port Node

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iOne H6