JBL Professional 2204H/2370A Monitor Loudspeaker w/Flat-Front Bi-Radial Horn



JBL Professional 2204H/2370A Monitor Loudspeaker w/Flat-Front Bi-Radial Horn


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  • Manufacturer: JBL Professional
  • Model: 2204H/2370A
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Cabinet consists of a 300W JBL Professional 12 in Loudspeaker model 2204H with a JBL Professional Flat-Front Bi-Radial Horn model 2370A.

The JBL Professional model 2204H is a highly efficient, low frequency two-way monitor loudspeaker Compared to other loudspeakers having similar sensitivity, its frequency response is unusually linear, varying only +3 dB from 70 Hz to 2 kHz. Its performance characteristics make it well suited for use as a small stage monitor loudspeaker or as a low frequency driver in installations where mounting space is restricted.

The JBL Professional model 2370A is a compact Bi-Radial? horn with a nominal coverage pattern of 90? horizontal x 40? vertical. The horn provides uniform on and off axis frequency response in the horizontal plane from 630 Hz to beyond 16 kHz. The horn?s small vertical mouth dimension was chosen to allow a gradual narrowing of the vertical coverage pattern with increasing frequency. This provides acoustic equalization of the frequency response of the horn in the horizontal plane and compensates for the falling power response of all compression drivers. Should constant vertical pattern control be required, two or more 2370As may be stacked to restore full Bi-Radial? performance.

One of the Side Handles is damaged.

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