Miranda Quartz Digital Video Line Quadrupler



Miranda Quartz Digital Video Line Quadrupler


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  • Condition: Tested
  • Manufacturer: Miranda
  • Model: Quartz


The Miranda Quartz is the industry?s most advanced large screen digital video processor. Using proprietary adaptive DSP technology. Quartz provides a super sharp video picture eliminating line structure, flicker, and diagonal jaggies. Quartz is ideal for high resolution monitors or very large screen projection systems and is independant of projection technology, be it CCD or light valves. Quartz provides film quality picture from a variety of video sources including serial digital 4:2:2, composite, Y/C, and component analog video formats including RGB, SMTPTE/EBU, Betacam and MII. Quartz serial digital connectivity allows for the use of a large variety of input sources and processes through the use of Miranda?s imaging series devices. Upscaled outputs supported included include 525/625 and 1050/1250 line non-interlace (NI) scanning. Quartz proprietary isoluminance based Detail Enhancer, greatly improves spatial resolutions. Quartz?s user friendly interface is based on a infrared remote control and on-screen menus. Quartz can also be computer controlled through an industry standard RS-422 port supporting the ASCII and Miranda?s ICP protocols.

– Serial 4:2:2, composite, Y/C, and CAV (12 formats supported in total) inputs
– Dual 66 MHz high resolution RGB outputs
– Sync-on-green and separate Composite, H, and V sync dual outputs
– Automatic 525/625 line input detection
– 3 ouput modes with scanning frequency from 31.50 KHz to 62.94 KHz
– 10-bit 4:2:2 signal path
– 2X oversampling
– 3-D Adaptive Spatial-Temporal Edge and Motion adaption (3:2 pulldown not necessary)
– Built-in Detail Enhancer
– Built-in Noise Reducer
– 250 m automatic cable equalization for 4:2:2 input
– On-screen programmable display
– Simple 4-button remote control unit

Boards Included
– Quartz Video Input Card
– Quartz Video Output Card

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : Quartz
Part Number :

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 100-240
HZs : 50-60
Watts : 150
Amps :
VA :
Phases : 1

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